Hair Mineral Analysis

Multi-minerals- The whole philosophy of everyone taking the same kind of multi-mineral supplement, is just as absurd as everyone wearing the same size shoe.

Hair-The minerals in your hair give your hair its color. Hair, especially black hair, gets its color from the minerals manganese and iron. Manganese and iron are two minerals your cells need to produce energy. When people become exhausted, it means they're usually low on manganese and iron. When these two minerals become depleted in the body, they also become depleted in the hair. Then the hair loses its color. What actually makes hair turn white? As you know calcium is white. So is zinc. Usually, the process is gradual. As people begin to lose energy, the manganese and iron slowly leaves their hair. They are then replaced by calcium and zinc. First, there are just a few gray hairs. Then there's a scattering of them all over. The hair becomes greyed, then white. This is the typical state of slow oxidation, that is, chronic fatigue. You rarely see older people with dark hair. If you do it could be because they have excellent mineral reserves and because their metabolism has not yet slowed down. Then there are people whose hair becomes gray overnight. These are people who were the subject of some horrible shock. In such cases, the body is under such stress that it borrows minerals from their hair bank. The good news is that gray hair can be reversed. This means there's no need for anyone to dye their hair. You may be fooling other people with the dye, but you aren't fooling your body. It is still in slow oxidation. The only real answer to gray hair is to correct the cause, mineral depletion. When you do this, you not only correct the gray hair, you also get your energy back.

Various causes of mineral imbalances:                                                                                                            

a. Foods-Avoid junk foods and refined foods made with sugar.                                                                    

b. Utensils-Avoid aluminum cookware and all utensils made with copper.                                                            

c. Water-Make sure your pipes are not copper pipes.              

d. Medications-antihistamines, blood pressure and heart medication, antidepressants and weight loss drugs can eventually imbalance your mineral levels.                                   

e. Emotional stress-any kind of emotional stress can imbalance your minerals.                                                 

f. Physical stress-People who work 18 to 20 hours a day are one day going to pay a big price for their actions. Too much physical stress of any kind can severely distort mineral balances.

Rules in mineral analysis-                                                          

a. A high mineral level can be just as damaging as a low mineral level.                                                               

b. Giving a specific mineral which appears to be low on the chart will rarely-if ever raise that particular mineral level.   

c. The longer a mineral ratio has been out of balance, the longer it will take to correct it. This means that if you've been a very slow oxidizer for 10 or 15 years, don't expect to become a normal oxidizer overnight.         

d. If your hair has been permed, died, bleached or otherwise chemically treated, it can still be used for a sample.

 A hair mineral analysis includes a graph of your mineral levels, toxic heavy metals levels, their sources, how they affect your health and diet and supplement recommendations. The cost for a hair mineral analysis is $81.

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