ABC Advanced Biostructural Correction

ABC restores the spine to its normal structure in a way that no other chiropractic technique can do. That means it will correct posture immediately  — and more and more progressively, over time.

After the very first adjustment you will be standing up straighter and taller than you have in years. Your body will feel centered, balanced, light, almost floating. Most muscle pain will be gone. Numbness, tingling, low back pain from disc injuries will be much less. If you have scoliosis, your symptoms will improve after the first adjustment and will get better and better.

ABC is based on the fact that if a vertebra gets pushed or turned to the right, muscles on the left of the spine can pull it back to the center. But if a vertebra gets pushed forward, towards the front of your body, there are no muscles that can possibly pull it back. So all the times when you fell off your bike, or got tackled playing soccer, or got rear ended in your car, some of your vertebrae got pushed forward – and they just stayed there. Your whole body got pushed more and more forward, your posture got worse and worse, you got headaches, neck pain, back pain, numbness, even scoliosis – and regular chiropractic treatments only gave you temporary relief.

With ABC, more than any other chiropractic technique, you see immediate results — and the results last. They just get better as time goes on. You will see progressive, lasting change in your spine and body.

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