8 Week Weight Loss

At Advanced Weight Loss & Wellness we take a thorough, holistic, evidenced-based approach to helping you find the real cause of your stubborn weight problem. This is accomplished by: Testing for food allergies, In order to lose weight, it is essential to heal the gut first.

One of the biggest causes of weight gain is eating foods that cause inflammation and damage to the intestinal walls. We will guide you to the best diet and supplements that will reduce inflammation, heal your gut, and help you lose weight. Find the cause of food cravings hormone imbalances to help you lose weight safely and prevent it from coming back.

If needed, we can test for candida, leaky gut syndrome, or other infections in the digestive tract. Testing, identifying and treating hypoglycemia or insulin resistance with diet and supplements. What’s covered week by week:

  • Week 1 Nutritional consultation-Food Combining for optimal digestion and weight, How to eat healthy at restaurants, The paleo diet vs. vegetarian diet, what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, fats and beverages for optimal weight loss. Neurotransmitters-required food, supplement and activities. Glycemic Index-Working with the glycemic index is more important than counting calories. It helps us identify which seemingly healthy foods should be avoided because they cause a spike in blood sugar. We teach you how to test pH. Insulin resistance evaluation to prevent diabetes.
  • Week 2 Evaluate the 8 physical causes of weight problems: depleted brain chemistry, deficiencies from dieting, blood sugar, thyroid symptoms, food allergies, PMS, Candida (yeast overgrowth), fatty acid deficiency. We also test for supplements for depression, apathy, stress, being overly sensitive emotionally. The Liver Enhancement Program not only detoxifies the liver, it helps produce the 6 fat-burning hormones, so you will look and feel vibrantly healthy.
  • Week 3 We evaluate and test for digestive enzymes and probiotics in order to optimize digestive health.
  • Week 4 Metabolism-We determine if you’re a fast or slow oxidizer. This covers which foods to eat and avoid and how often to eat.
  • Week 5 We determine what is your genetically ideal diet down to which fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, grains, dairy, nuts, seeds and spices to eat and avoid. We also tell you what foods to eat and avoid for your weakest organs.
  • Week 6 We determine which organs are weak according to Chinese medicine and which foods you need to eat and Chinese herbs to take to strengthen the organs. Soup recipes from each season are included.
  • Week 7 We evaluate which of the 3 body types you are according to Ayurvedic medicine and which foods, spices, tea and aroma therapy blend you need to bring you into balance.
  • Week 8 You complete the eat and avoid list from all the previous 7 weeks and we clear up any confusion. In summary at the end of 8 weeks you will have a complete list of which foods to eat for optimal health and which foods to avoid that cause weight gain, allergies and ill health. You will know which supplements to take short term, to strengthen weak organs and eliminate symptoms and for long term health maintenance. Also included are several chiropractic adjustments and energy work. You will have a stable spine, be more flexible, have less pain and more energy.

The energy work addresses the underlying emotional resistance to losing weight and the energy blocks in the organs related to the weight gain. We have customized diet plans with delicious gourmet recipes so you can enjoy fresh, healthy food and lose weight at the same time. Sleep issues must be addressed before you can expect to lose weight. We examine environmental issues that can cause insomnia and offer a variety of effective, natural sleep supplements.

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