Chiropractic Techniques
Applied Trigger Points - A gentle, easy way of releasing the "knots" of tension in your muscles, so you don't have to hurt in order to feel better.
Spinal Encephalo Technique - The spine and extremities are adjusted by gently releasing reflex points on the skull that affect the brain. The brain then allows the spinal muscles to deeply relax and the vertebrae move back into place without any force. It never hurts and is always accurate. The center of the brain for optimism, vitality, euphoria and higher states of spiritual consciousness can also be affected.
Fascial Alignment Stretch Technique - The fascial covering of the muscle is gently stretched in order to improve posture, increase flexibility, and to fully recover from the effects of whiplash in a car accident or other injuries.

Cranial Nerve Technique - This technique improves the ability of cranial nerve function by working through the spine and the brain, while restoring losses in the five senses. Hearing loss, nearsightedness, eye muscle movement and Bell's Palsy have all improved.

"After being involved in a car accident, I developed blurry vision and had trouble doing fine work. After one treatment of Cranial Nerve Technique, my vision was clear. It was almost like I had new eyes. I was energized by it!"

- Rosemary Nelson, Santa Barbara, CA

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