Who Benefits

People of all ages benefit from chiropractic care. Working with families produces great results. Nerve interference in children often causes serious conditons such as asthma, allergies, hyperactivity and scoliosis. When all the life channels are open, children tend to have better grades, relate to others better, and have less time off from school for illness. Special family discounts and convenient scheduling are available.

Conditions Successfully Treated

• Allergies • Migraines
• Asthma • Neck Pain
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Pain Between the Shoulders
• Chronic Health Problems • Psychosomatic Symptoms
• Headaches • Sciatica
• Hip Pain • Shoulder Pain
• Insomnia • Sinus Pain
• Knee Pain • Sports Injuries
• Leg Pain • Near-sightedness
• Low back Pain • Weight Gain & Loss